The more donations we receive, the more horses we can rescue. It’s that simple.

$350. That’s how much it costs per month to provide the basic care of hay, grain, vaccinations, deworming, and farrier visits for one of our rescue horses and that is AFTER the horse has had proper vet care which for a rescue horse can range from $200- $1000 in the first year.

Add to that ranch help, overhead, property, payroll and taxes and the number increases significantly. For those horses who come to us with injuries that require specific veterinary care it costs hundreds of dollars more each month.

As a nonprofit Lost Creek Ranch relies on the tax-deductible monetary and in-kind donations of our donors like you. From horse-related products like dewormer and blankets to ranch needs including fencing, wheelbarrows, and shovels we simply cannot do the amazing work that we do without your help.

Please consider making a tax-deductible monetary or in-kind donation today to help horses like Marvel and Pi Osahar:


Did You Know that the Rescue Horses at Lost Creek Ranch help At Risk Youth too? Your tax deductable donations help keep our programs going for horses and youth. Thank You!

lost creek ranch horse rescue at risk youth program 

Our biggest needs are:

  • hay- our hay bill is over $2000/ month
  • senior feed- the herd eats about 7 bags a week
  • sponsorships for campers
  • vet and farrier visit sponsors
  • small skid steer
  • Brush Hog

We are always happy to accept the following items:

  • vacuum cleaner for bunkhouse
  • blankets
  • fly sheets/masks
  • fly spray
  • liniment/wound cream
  • Dewormer
  • Grooming supplies, including shampoo and conditioner, detangler, brushes, and shedding blades
  • Gift certificates to tack stores, hardware stores, feed stores/ Co-ops
  • Donated services: not only horse care but also carpentry/maintenance, mechanic work, printing for fliers/ postcards, mowing/ lawn care


Are you a skilled laborer? Plumber or general contractor? Whatever your expertise, chances are that we could use your help around the barn. In-kind donations are the perfect way to give to the horses.


Supplies Needed

  • boards for paddock fencing
  • t-posts and wire for electric fencing
  • supplies for building and maintaining run-in shelters
  • gates for paddocks
  • plumbing / eletrical work in barn
  • gravel fill for muddy areas and driveway


Are you interested in working to make Lost Creek Ranch even better? Lost Creek Ranch holds a special place in the hearts of every volunteer.

What do volunteers do?
It really depends on your skill and interest. Volunteer opportunities range from office work (updating the database, answering phones, mailings, etc), fund raising, working events, helping at Camp Confidence with art activities and meals, gardening, morning and evening chores (feeding and watering the herd) and of course direct horse care including grooming and hand walking some of the rescues. We ask that volunteers are able to donate a minimum of 4 hours/ month.

How do I become a volunteer?
Contact the ranch: 715-273-6070
We will set up a tour of the ranch and find out what you are interested in helping with.

Are there volunteer opportunities for kids and groups?
Yes, we take volunteers aged 15 and up and also offer a working student program (download working student application here) for students interested in learning about horse care and becoming better riders. Children under 15 can volunteer as a group (perfect for scouts, church youth groups and 4H).

Got a Minute? You can be a Hero to a Horse in Need

It only takes a minute to share Lost Creek Ranch's mission with your like minded friends
"Let no heart or soul, human or equine, fall through the cracks."

Help us Build Word of Mouth: The more people who know about Lost Creek Ranch the more horses we can help.
  • Share our website with everyone you know
  • Post our website to your Facebook or Twitter status
  • Join our Facebook Group!
  • Think about all the people you know and what they do. Do you know someone whose business can help out the horses by donating supplies, labor, printing or anything else?
  • Review Lost Creek Ranch Camp Confidence on Great Non

Our Wishlist

Love to shop? The next time you find yourself at the feed store, throw one or two items from our wishlist in your cart. It’s quick, easy, and makes a huge difference.

  • Gift certificates to tack stores, hardware stores, feed stores, Co-ops
  • pitch forks
  • saddles in all sizes- Western and English, saddle pads, bridals and any tack in safe usable condition
  • riding helmets and boots (both western & English)
  • show clothes and boots: for our students who cannot afford to purchase show clothes on their own (all styles and sizes needed)
  • fencing supplies: t-posts, electric wire, boards


In Kind Donations

Kari Hoyer Farrier Service

Alana Altnow- Advanced Equine Chiropractic

Runnings Farm and Fleet-
Yearly Vaccinations

Ripley's in Red Wing For their continued support! We couldn't do the 100 Mile Garage Sale & Open Houses without their beautiful tents!

Advance Self Storage
Hager City, WI 715-792-2226
Joel Anderson (

Cummins Power Generation

Power Systems Quality Team

Equipment Donations:

Anonymous saddle donations left in our barn
Cheryl Mueschtler
Andrea Emery
Kitty Armbruster
Ruth Harper
Liz Smith

Feed, Hay, Supplies and Camp Donations

Doug and Sue Abel
David & Becky Will
Earl & Connie Ahlers
Bill & Andrea Emery
Melissa Smith, American Distribution & Manufacturing Co.
Beth Murray-Laughnan, Triple L Horse and Pet
Carra Otten, La Petite Fleur
Mary Tisaber
Triple Crown Horse Feed

Horse Sponsorship

We are able to help horses because of our loyal clients, campers and donors. We recently received a very special donation from one of our campers
Sarah Carlson. She is sponsoring Savannah our sweet buckskin paint mare. 


Savannah requires special shoes to keep her sound and pain free. The shoeing is expensive and we are so happy that Sarah chose to sponsor Savvy!

Monetary Donations:

Donations of $7000-10,000

Karen Goike: In memory of Greg Goike, Sarah Goike's father

Donations of $5000-7000

Donations of $3000-5000

Debbie Simmons & Encore Boutique

Donations of $1000-3000

Buerkle Hyundai
3350 Hwy 61
White Bear Lake, MN

Donations of $500- 1000

Susanne & Gary Berkland
Mara Berkland
David Dyson
John & Hollis Grimm
Marilyn Schmoll
Brenda Kotnik

Donations $100 or more

Ruby Nelson & Scott Taylor
Kariin & Michael Pepin
Sue Andrews
Hancock Lodge #229
Dave & Pam Pearson
Cyndee Marcus
Hinks Economart
The United Way
Ingli Auto
Sue Hibberd
Vic & Karen Langer
Sydney & Paige Mier
Ray Makepeace

Donations of $50 - $99

Pete and Irene Helmueller
Francis & Anne Brzezinski


Donations of $25 - $49

Jocelyn Bullock
Dawn Lanning
Heather & Kevin Mier
J.A. Baker
Harry Langdon

Volunteer Labor & All Around Ranch Help

Shanna Burris
Wayne Watson
Scott Taylor - "Grandpa Scott"
Curtis Mishler
Elizabeth Fritz- organizer of Dream Missions volunteer days

Donations from Youth Supportors

Sarah Carlson, a summer camper of 16 years old, has been saving her money since she was a little girl. Saving to Sarah doesn’t just mean keeping the money for herself. Sarah loves to share what she earns and does so by dividing her money into three categories that allows her to do this. Sarah has been dividing her money in this simple strategy for as long as she can remember. One category is for “savings” and that money goes straight to a savings account in the bank. The second category is “spend,” and that’s money that she can spend at stores and use immediately. The third category is “charity,” that’s the money that she saves up to donate. Sarah has donated to a variety of organizations ranging from her grandparents’ small-town volunteer fire department, to the Animal Humane Society, and Lost Creek Ranch. Recently, Sarah donated to Lost Creek Ranch. Sarah has already learned that not only is it beneficial to the recipients of her donations, but the feeling that she gets when people receive her gifts is priceless. Sarah hopes to inspire others to share.


L.E. Phillips Foundation-
$500.00 towards the funding of our
Indoor Arena

Health Partners:
$250 donation

Fidelity Charitable Grant
$100 donation

United Way of the Greater Twin Cities


Chippawa Valley Energy
Partial camp scholarship for at risk youth

Ted and Lucille Steele-
$595.00 sponsorship for a child to come to camp

Horse Sponsors

Jamie Strickland- monthly donation to the ranch

Jennifer Flannagan- farrier sponsor for Hunter who requires special shoeing

Sarah Carlson- farrier sponsor for Savannah

Calendar Sponsors

Ruth Harper, Happily Ever After-
For all of the portraits, calendars and time putting it all together

Joanne Hines, American Family Insurance

Lisa Eid, Mary Kay Cosmetics and World Ventures

Charlotte Abbes, Stylize Salon

Julie Hefner, Babies and Brides

SignWorx, Red Wing

Jeanne Baier, Xango Independent Distributer

Stevie Hartmann, Equine Physical Therapy & Custom Saddle Fit

Charity Horse Show Sponsors

Ellsworth Cheesecurd Cooperative

Razzletack Designs

Ingli Auto

Hinks Economart